What is a Home Pre-Check Specialist?

Your clients are about to make one of the largest financial investments of their lives.

One of the best ways to earn their confidence and tackle the fears that might arise through the home-buying process is to confidently demonstrate that you know what to look for and what expenses your clients might face with the purchase (or sale) of a home.

The Home Pre-Check Specialist course is designed to improve your knowledge about homes and home-related systems so you can better serve your clients.

Through this course, you can become easily certified as a Pre-Check Specialist in one eight-hour day and be better prepared to arrive at any walk-through armed with an expertise that will elevate your client experience above most other agents.

The course is written in collaboration between Casey Larsen, of The Pillar to Post Larsen Team who has over 20 years of experience as a certified home inspector, and Monique Higginson of Market Source Real Estate, who has owned and operated her own real estate brokerage since 2007.

Why become a Home Pre-Check Specialist?

Through certification as a Home Pre-Check Specialist, you will be elevated above most other agents with an above-average understanding of home systems such as HVAC, Roofs & Attics, Home Exteriors, and Structural items.

Do you know what kinds of stucco cracks are of the most concern and how to address them in the least expensive way?

A Home Pre-Check Specialist is a real estate agent or broker that has above-average knowledge of home systems.

Enjoy the benefits of your Home Pre-Check Certification by:

Knowing your product. Have you ever gone to buy a product and you knew more than the salesman? Become the expert your clients want.

Saving your clients and yourself time and money. Prevent deals from falling through in a competitive market by avoiding homes that are going to fail during inspection.

Identifying what may be an easy repair or a non-issue. Put your buyers at ease and help them move forward on a home they want when certain issues are actually an easy fix.

Pre-empting the inspection.
Help sellers to identify and address issues that may come up on an inspection before they happen.

Increasing your referrals. If clients see you as the expert, they are more likely to recommend you to future clients.

Do you know how to spot beam stress in a home?



Roof & Attic

The roof is vital to every property and can be a very large expense. In this section you will learn about roof slopes, problem areas, types of roofing, flashings, gutters and an attic overview.


In this section, you will learn about driveways, retaining walls, landscaping, ground slope, siding types, foundations, eves, soffits and fascia, windows, doors, window wells and decking systems.


In this section you will learn about foundations/foundation types, footings, settlement, roof structures, floors and joists, beams, slabs and crawlspaces.


In this section you will become familiar with what to look for when examining the furnace and A/C units, as well as swamp coolers, heat pumps and boilers.


In this section you will become familiar with the types of plumbing and how to spot issues with old or malfunctioning plumbing. You will learn about a variety plumbing systems/types, water heaters, wells, sewage ejection pumps and septic systems.


In this section you will learn how to spot issues with the electrical system. You will learn about safety, service panels and types of electrical wiring, outlets and fixtures.

Interior & Garage

In this section you will learn about wall types, water staining, flooring types, doors, windows, railings and garages.


In this section you will learn about smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fireplaces, chimneys and appliances.

Safety & Environmental

Learn how to spot environmental issues that may need to be resolved immediately, before purchase or occupancy. You will learn about radon, mold, methamphetamines, asbestos, lead based paint and termites.

Monique Higginson

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801 205-8235


Owning real estate changes lives and creates opportunities for all people. In 2007, I founded Market Source Real Estate, at the cusp of a rough market, with young children and plenty of responsibilities at home. 

Since then, I have helped countless clients position themselves for financial success by making wise purchasing decisions in real estate.

I have also been a co-founder of a construction company and have owned dozens of homes.

My in depth knowledge of home systems and construction has been invaluable to myself and my clients. I hope this course will help you provide better value for your clients and increase your opportunities.

Casey Larsen

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The Larsen Team and has been with Pillar To Post in Salt Lake City since the beginning. The Larsen Team has served Salt Lake City for over 20 years and has performed over 20,000 inspections for its clients. Casey helped the founder, Fred on inspections during summers and breaks throughout middle school and high school, He even became a certified home inspector at the age of 12. Many years later Casey has worked every position in the company including performing thousands of home inspections
 on all types of homes from bungalows and condos to large mansions and multi-unit buildings. Casey is the current Utah Real Estate Inspectors Guild president. In addition to his duties at Pillar To Post, you can now find Casey teaching continuing education classes for the Utah Division of Real Estate and shaping the future of home inspections in Utah.

"My clients feel more confident in writing stronger offers."

As agents we help our clients with one of the largest financial investments of their life. Anyone can open doors, but when you can confidently demonstrate you know what to look for and what expenses they might face with the purchase of a home, my clients feel more confident in writing stronger offers.

- Craig Oborn